Plum blossoms blowing in the wind near Hiroshima, Japan.

Plum blossoms blowing in the wind near Hiroshima, Japan.


Christopher Cupp is a visual artist based out of Anchorage, AK.  He has called Alaska home for over 30 years and he loves everything about it...except the cold, Chris doesn't like the cold but that's why he loves to travel outside of Alaska as much as he can.

Chris has been doing photography out of his studio since 2006 and has recently started to do video work after his short stint as a photographer/videographer for the University of Oklahoma in 2013-2014.   

Having a camera in hand gets Chris excited.  He loves capturing those moments that make people wonder how he was able to create a certain image.  For the most part, the answer is always easy, but the process may be complicated. Chris makes it his personal goal to always deliver images/videos that are of the highest quality.

Chris Cupp Photography has made a reputation by being one of the best wedding photographers in all of Alaska.  He strives to push his ideas and encourages those around him to be at their best.  He and his team takes weddings very seriously and know that if you trust them, you will be in good hands.  The pre production for weddings is second to none and we just love what we do.

If you are looking for a photographer who is on top of the wedding game, look no further and shoot Chris an email through the contact page.